The Pleasure and Pain of Christmas Shopping

If you are a little bit organised and dont want to forget things, not let bits and pieces fall through the cracks, then lists are a part of your life.  As a working mother of two, and now that Christmas is nearly upon us, I have four lists on the go which I’m sure is certain to grow: Last week of term, Party, Gifts and Christmas Lunch … oh that’s right I had better get the New Years Eve list started too.  I am also a big fan of ical.  Individual and coloured calendars organise our life that can be updated from personal iPads so we all know what we are doing … and what everyone else is doing!

But what happens when you need to have a list and you have no idea what to put on it?  A Christmas gift list with nothing on it?  Not one spark of an idea?  It was the topic of conversation in our lunch room the other day while we flicked through the shopping centre gift idea book.  Our friendly banter filled with “naaahh’s” and shaking of heads,  got me thinking about lists, about making your Christmas budget have a chance of being met, and about the pleasure and pain of gift giving at Christmas time.

So how do you create your list without anything on it?  Wander the shops eternally looking for ideas, trawl the internet, and talk to other people to see if they’ve found anything interesting? Sounds like lots of hard work so I thought I’d add a few ideas of my own to hopefully make someone else’s life a bit easier.


Presents (Photo credit: Wysz)

Pre Teen Girls

  • Colette  has a fabulous range of jewelry, hair accessories and bags of all different types.  You are certain to find something for your princess in this shop.
  • Mogo is a very interesting and different type of charm bracelet.  Available around Australia and on the internet.
  • Ipad Mini will be on every girls wish list (and on mine!)
  • Head Phones lots of different choices available for all budgets dr beats are of course the coolest, but a little out of our budget
  • Smiggle there is so much to choose from in this fabulously cool shop.  However my pic for this year is the Liquid Chalk, now in metallic silver and gold

Little Girls

  • A Poppy and Rose Tutu should be under every little girls Christmas tree

Teen “Geek” Boys

  • Think Geek is my favourite website for my son.  A “Sheldon Cooper” Bazinga tshirt and Dr Who Tardis towel will be under the christmas tree this year 🙂
  • arcbotics do a very cool Hexy Robot – a little out of our budget this year but has rave reviews and is very different to anything else I have seen.
  • You must check out the  Raspberry Pi It is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. It’s been made to get kids learning programming. At $25 for the base model this is a bargain and unusual gift!
  • Not really just for geeks, but for every boy (old or young), the new GoPro Camera.  I have one and it’s the BEST camera I have ever owned – even better than my Canon eos film slr – and that’s saying something!

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