Board Games, Christmas and the next generation

overlay-header-game-nightI have to admit that Christmas brings out the gamer in me …  As a kid I always played board games with whoever would play with me.  The challenge of an all day Monopoly battle, to building your stock portfolio in Stock Market, Travelling through life in the Game of Life and working out who dunnit in Cluedo.

As a mother I now have a cupboard full of board games that we regularly play together. Mostly presents from Christmas past but I love when they want to challenge me to a game that I played when I was a child.  Both my children are now avid “gamers” and I watch and smile as they play my favourites with their friends.   They also have found their own new favourites, Blokus, kingdom quest and Risk. However,  I must admit to being rather miffed that my 13 year old son can now whoop my butt in Stockmarket.

So as a closet gamer, I love that as part of the grade 5 curriculum in Queensland that every student has to learn how to make a board game.  Whether as part of English, Science or Humanities what a cool way of teaching strategy, problem solving, logical procedure and last but not least, clear thinking for instructions.

Our son Andrew produced an amazing game, with innovative ideas and it’s actually fun to play – in fact it was so good we decided to register the design of the board and copy right the game play. Unfortunately now it sits under his bed gathering dust as we really have no idea of how to take it to the next step. Well not without winning lotto and manufacturing, marketing and distributing it ourselves.

When it was our daughters turn to make a game it was interesting to see how even when we followed the same creative pattern, that she managed to come up with a game that was completely different.  Melanie wanted battles and strategy whereas Andrew wanted a more traditional movement game … and yes I did say our daughter wanted battles!

Her game lends itself exceptionally well to an app – while I embrace new technology (I am writing a blog after all) I still love sitting around a table or finding some floor space and having a good board game.

If you haven’t checked out Kickstarter  yet, it is well worth some of your time to see what people are creating and how they are funding their creative projects.  I once saw a project being funded by Phil Tippet.  A legend in Hollywood for his work on Star Wars.

We’ve been emboldened by a number of incredible Kickstarter success stories to believe that independent animation fans and consumers can make a project as unlikely and non-commercial as MAD GOD a reality.  Your financing will facilitate this project to take creative risks and deliver a vision like few have ever attempted.

I would love to fund both the kids projects this way, but you still have to have a plan to get people to invest in your idea. If anyone reading this post has any experience in how to manufacture or get a game off the ground I would really love to hear from you.

Merry Christmas and good gaming!


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