Phew – What A Christmas Wish List

I’m not sure if it’s just my husband’s inner wicked child coming out to play, it is the silly season after all, but no I’m not buying him a plane for Christmas! Well, not the one he’s found on the net anyway!


It’s not just any plane that he wants but a corporate jet that seats 12 in complete luxury and doesn’t need to refuel to cross the mighty pacific ocean. Of course we can’t afford this $6 million toy, but that doesn’t stop my bright and witty man with a wicked sense of humour spending hours checking out a web page that sells used aircraft.   He did add too that while we weren’t using said plane, we could hire it out and it should pay for itself. Mmm keep calm and just keep saying no!

So, how did we get to this point … A whole morning of talking planes, him excitedly showing me pictures of which interiors he liked better and not bothering to show me the avionics which keep the plane in the air.  A morning of calmly telling me prices ranging from a paltry half a million dollars to hundreds of millions, and a snobbery of brands that would rival the best billionaire?

Well, a Christmas wish list is just that, a christmas wish list. And after all we are on the countdown to the big fat man in red coming down the chimney, but really, some actual real hints to real presents would be a good thing, right?

Naahhh …. We taught our kids to write a wish list to help Santa know what they wanted and  some of their “wants” are a little outlandish too. It’s all in your perspective. Ski trips and  Mac computers are our kids big ticket items.  Completely out of reach on their pocket money. It’s good for the soul to dream big to have a twinkle in your eye and have a good giggle.

So when my husband reads this post, no I’m not having a dig at you darling, I love you dearly and one day I do hope we win lotto so you can buy these fancy grown up toys. But no, you aren’t getting the Learjet this year!  And just in case you have a husband who wants to add something exceptionally out of reach on his Christmas wish list  here’s the link to my husbands dreamy page Jets for sale

What’s he really getting …… obviously I cant say, but it’s a big boys toy that he can play with to his hearts content.

And on my wish list … a secret bank account in Switzerland with millions of dollars in it!

Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for reading 🙂


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