Sandy Toes, 3rd January 2013

Sandy Toes, 3rd January 2013

Sandy Toes, 3rd January 2013

There are beaches in the world that capture you and dont want to let you go.  Cane Garden Bay in the British Virgin Islands is just one of the luxurious beaches in the Caribbean that my sandy toes found difficult to leave.  This picture taken from Rhymers, one of the  many bars (but certainly one of my favourites) that line this most beautiful of beaches, really doesn’t do the the actual place any justice.

Sand that is like velvet with sparkling clear water that you can’t tell whether it is one foot or ten feet deep, snorkling right off the beach, fantastic food and music at your fingertips and a safe anchorage for yachties and stink boat drivers alike.  Sipping a rum drink watching the sun sink below the horizon on this beach will burn into your memory forever.  My husband and I have sandy toes that are lucky enough to have been to this beach three times – and we are hoping for our next time to be not too in the distant future.

In fact, my sandy toes are tingling right now looking at this picture, ahhh ….  yep that’s me sipping a cool drink watching the West Indies playing cricket against the Aussies on the telly …… it doesn’t get much better than that!


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