Sandy Toes, 8th January 2012

Famous Waikiki Beach

Famous Waikiki Beach

This beach doesn’t really need any introduction, it’s about as famous as you can get when it comes to dreaming of a summer holiday. The wonderful Waikiki beach though isn’t really about sinking your sandy toes into the sand, but about having been there and done that. There are many beaches in the world that have more sand, better surf and are far less crowded, but my sandy toes are glad they have walked there none the less. Waikiki beach really does have everything at it’s doorstep, one of my sandy toes favourite bar/restaurants Dukes, a rolling surf that goes for miles and is perfect to learn on, great shopping, a bit of adventure with Diamond Head national park just up the road, and of course the glitter strip which holds something for everyone.  My favourite time of day on this most famous of beaches is early morning when there’s no-one around, a stroll to take in the wonders of this beautiful place followed by a quiet coffee before the crowds awake.


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