Sandy Toes, 13th January 2013

Sandy Toes, 13th January 2013

Sandy Cay BVI

Looks perfect, right? A nice uninterrupted swim, no crowds hogging all the sun ….. Mmmm well looks can be deceiving. From our boat, the vision of this great beach on deserted island Sandy Cay in the British Virgin Islands, got my sandy toes all a tingling.  A trip ashore before breakfast was a must for a frolic and explore.  The dinghy pulled into shore and we played in the sand and when the kids found a small path through the trees … it sounded like an adventure.

The path wound it’s way around the island. At some points hugging the shore and at others going inland where we saw huge cacti, wandering hermit crabs, and brightly coloured lizards.  The camera got a big work out ….and then they came. At first it was only one or two, and then there was a swarm …. mozzies and more mozzies … we ran, they followed.  We dodged, flapped our arms, tried to swat as we ran but still they followed.  We hit the beach and kept running straight into the water, ducked under and popped up relieved our pursuers would be gone … but no,  just like in cartoons, there they were massed together hanging over our heads just waiting ….  finally when we didn’t get out of the water, they gave up and we got back to the boat.  Sandy Cay now has a new name in our family … Mozzie Island.

Seriously though, if you are heading to the BVI for a sailing holiday, Sandy Cay is a must stop for a swim and walk round the island. Just make sure you use plenty of insect repellant! A bit of trivia.  The island was owned by the Rockefeller family and is in the process of being given to the British Virgin Islands to be part of their National Parks Trust.


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