Sandy Toes, 18th January 2013

Sandy Bay, Jost Van Dyke, BVI

Sandy Bay, Jost Van Dyke, BVI

This is a beach that your sandy toes must visit once in your life.   The fine white sand, fringed with palms that whisper in the light trade winds that blow all year round, the beautiful crystal clear aqua blue ocean that just laps at your feet and a local population that are friendly and willing to share this little piece of paradise.

And it houses my most favourite of bars, The Soggy Dollar bar.  Not that my sandy toes travel to this part of the world just for a drink,  Sandy Bay, Jost Van Dyke  in the British Virgin Islands is after all the other side of the world for me, but this beach and this bar is what the Caribbean is all about. Sigh – I wish I was there right now!

There’s no other way to sink your sandy toes into this island beach unless you swim!  What greets you are hammock filled palms, and that famous bar.  Have you worked out how the bar got it’s name?  US Dollars are made of paper – soggy dollars still hang on the line behind the bar, even today with the advent of debit and credit cards.  So settle in, find yourself a palm tree to laze beneath while watching the kids play in the sand. Listen to some live music or grab a bite to eat while drinking one of their famous drinks, the “painkiller” while you meet some of the myriad of travellers that come from all parts of the world to cross Sandy Bay and the Soggy Dollar Bar off their bucket list.


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