Sandy Toes, 28th January 2013

Sandy Toes, 28th January 2013

Sandy Toes, 28th January 2013

I had a completely different idea for my post today, but circumstances have led me to change from digging out an old picture with blue sky and happy memories, to braving the weather and taking this new one. A beach under siege from mother nature that my sandy toes have no desire to tread on whatsoever. The wind whipping the last of dry sand around my legs and the roar of the ocean booming through the wailing of bold gusts of cyclonic winds.  I laughed nervously at the lunacy of my sandy toes even being there while I tried to stand still taking this panorama on my brave iPhone!

Our beach’s wild and wooly state is courtesy of an ex cyclone sitting off the east coast of Australia and it has changed our normally sunny and festive Australia Day weekend into having a disaster plan, watching movies and playing board games (and the occasional battle on Halo 4!).  Whoever stripped “Oswald” of his cyclone status should be here right now – the clouds may not be circling but the winds are still just as violent.

So it looks like my sandy toes will have to do with memories of warm summer sands for now, as this beach will be off limits until nature drops the sand torn away by these wild seas back where it should be, on First Ave beach under the blazing Aussie sun.


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