Oi. Watch it, Space Boy!


You never forget your first doctor. For me it was the wonderful Tom Baker with his long hand-knit scarf, Sarah Jane and k9 but for my daughter it is David Tenant and Donna Noble in the revived juggernaut that is Dr Who.

While the program went back into production in 2005 we only came across it  by accident last year, while flicking through the tv channels in boredom one night. You have to love the BBC, producing such a quality program, with clever writers that  have included a grown up Sarah Jane and dishevelled k9 into their new story lines. Mixing the past with the present and the future is part of what makes Dr Who so special.

As a now forever fan, I am loving the new style doctor complete with Daleks, Cybermen, and new villains of the universe, the weeping angels and the silence. The gutsy companions of Rose Tyler, Martha Jones and Donna Noble make for great story lines and great role models for my daughter. The regeneration of Matt Smith as the doctor with Rory and Amy Pond was a tough change after David Tenant did such a long stint as Dr Who – but we now love this cheeky doctor as much as the others and await the new companion in the next series with bated breath.

So if you haven’t discovered the new Dr Who and you were a fan from the past, do yourself a favour and check it out. You will be just as hooked as I am in no time at all. Monsters have always been a big part of Dr Who but I will warn you, the first episode that featured the weeping angels (Series 3: Blink), is about as scary as I can do.  I have seen that episode about 4 times now and I still freak out!  In other words, a great Dr Who episode!

Last year we braved SupaNova (an Aussie version of Comicon) for the first time, with my daughter of course dressing as her favourite character from Dr Who – River Song. She was very chuffed as people recognised who she dressed up as and loved getting her picture taken with a weeping angel.  We thought we’s be there for an hour or so, but 6 hours later and a bag full of Dr Who merchandise including a sonic screwdriver, tshirt and river song diary, we came home with some amazing pics and a thirst for more.

If you have never been to one of these conventions and you are a fan of popular culture – it is well worth your time.  Everyday people dress up  as their favourite larger than life characters, and stars chat about their experiences in making those characters come to life.  This year we will be going again and I will be taking my DSLR to capture the amazing costumes!  Some people have way too much time on their hands!

River Song

“River Song” ready for action

Weeping Angel

This Weeping Angel isn’t getting the better of “River Song”


2 responses to “Oi. Watch it, Space Boy!

  1. I was a huge Tom Baker and Sarah Jane fan but I think David Tennant and Donna Noble may have pushed both of them into second place in my heart as favourite doctor and sidekick. I’ve never thought of going to a Supernova convention but you’ve made it sound like so much fun I just might reconsider 🙂

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