Sandy Toes, 9th February 2013

Sandy Toes, 9th February 2013

Sandy Toes, 9th February 2013

This beach that my Sandy Toes found by accident, is not really known by it’s real name Ehukai Beach, but by the surf break that is famous for.  The notorious huge waves which break on a shallow reef , forming large, hollow, thick curls of water are perfect, but dangerous waves to surf.  I am, of course, talking about Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii.

If you love beaches like my sandy toes do, you more than likely have surfed a wave or two, either body, boogie or board.  It’s one thing soaking up the peace and serenity of warm sand under your sandy toes, and the smells and sounds of the ocean when it’s quiet, but it’s quite another when the ocean is showing it’s muscle and powerful waves are crashing into the shore.  And surfing is fun, maybe not at this beach where only locals and pros surf, but you can’t beat the feeling of catching a wave to shore.

We found Ehukai on a spontaneous road trip around Oahu (our sandy toes desperately needed a break from the busyness of Waikiki).  We knew pipeline was somewhere along Kamehameha Highway, but without a map, and no signage at all, the only indication that we had found this beach with it’s famous swell, was a lot of parked cars and an ambulance!  And then we spied the pack of photographers with big lenses – we’d managed to find pipeline when there was a competition! When this famous break is pumping it is an amazing sight to see!

I parked myself next to all the professional photographers and snapped away happily at surfers who I didn’t know the names of until I ran out of memory card. While I didn’t have the long lens’s that they had I was still pretty happy with the shots I took.  But those shots aren’t really about sandy toes …. just as this beach is not really about the course yellow sand!


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