It’s not Christmas but it’s present time!

It’s coming up to my second favourite time of year and hands down my husbands worst …. Yep it’s great being alive, a lover, wife and mother …. It’s pressi time! If you could see me now, you would see a cheeky grin, a twinkle in my eye and a little gleeful chuckle every now and then, as my poor husband grumbles and mumbles to himself as he dreads coming up with four different, meaningful and special gifts in just 12 weeks!

Just to put it into perspective we’ve been married for nearly 16 years and together for 18 , so all the brilliant ideas for Valentines Day, my birthday, our wedding anniversary and Mother’s Day are in the past and finding new and inventive ways to complete his shopping tasks are getting a tad more difficult.


So he was rubbing his hands together with glee and a sigh of relief a couple of years ago when I discovered Trollbeads, but even this very easy gift is now too easy for him, and new beads for my bracelet are becoming few and far between during my pressi bonanza time!

And yes, so you don’t think I am a vixen who expects the world, I love a picnic in the park, or going to a movie just as well as something in a box, but it is nice to unwrap a little something right? And that doesn’t mean just jewellery. My favourite gift still to this day is a mahjong set – for my birthday about 8 years ago and we still play! He’s so clever my husband!

But today I am giving you the biggest hint my love – I absolutely ADORE my Trollbeads – I know who gave me each and every bead, what they represent and love the mix of coloured glass, silver and gold. I know am so spoiled because I have a box full of beads to choose from so that I can make a different bracelet when I want to. But both you and the kids like designing a bracelet for me which just makes me smile on the inside.

If you haven’t heard of Trollbeads many of you will have heard of Pandora bracelets and charms. They kicked some life back into charm bracelets with exceptionally clever marketing and a distribution network that would rival McDonalds. Well, Trollbeads came first and are a little bit quirkier than Pandora which is why I chose them. Chunky beads with character and the most beautiful glass.

So on my wish list this year for any of my upcoming pressi occasions, is the starfish or any of the beach glass beads. They will remind me long into the future of the most amazing person (yes that’s you hubby) who gave them to me and this blog that started by good fortune and friendship.


One response to “It’s not Christmas but it’s present time!

  1. Seems I didn’t need to write this post – my wonderful husband was already on the same wavelength! A good luck fairy trollbead, or as my daughter said “it looks like a cornish pixie from Harry Potter mum” was waiting for me in the car for when I took the kids to school. I love my fairy come naughty pixie and I love that my husband is still cheeky and has a twinkle in his eye. This bead will remind me of that forever. Happy Valentines Day my love.

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