Sandy Toes, 23rd February 2013

Sandy Toes, 23rd February 2013

Sandy Toes, 23rd February 2013

In 2007 we went to the World Cup Cricket in the Caribbean.  It was on this beach that an English cricketer who shall remain nameless, put his sandy toes way over the line and hit the news headlines for all the wrong reasons.  The boys had obviously had a win with a day off the next day … a lot of alcohol was consumed and a little adventure on a water bike, led to a very public rescue and a heap of humble pie eaten! Never a dull moment at the cricket!  Now, no gawfs of laughter thank you. Cricket is an acquired taste and you’re not a true Aussie if you don’t watch the cricket 🙂

But I digress.  Back to  this beautiful beach in Dickenson Bay Antigua. I love this picture of my captivated son watching a local man raking the beach before the holidaying sandy toes hit the beach. Not many tourists get up as early as we do and it was interesting to see the start of the locals day get the beach ready for action with colourful umbrella’s and deck chairs to rent.  While we didn’t spend too much time soaking up the sun on this wonderful beach or swimming in the crystal clear water, our our sandy toes walked every morning feeling the beginnings of the trade winds on our faces before going out to watch our beloved Aussie cricket team beat the socks off the competition.

Would I go back to Antigua for a real holiday – soaking up the sun and twiddling my sandy toes in the sand?  Only if we were going to Race Week … but that’s another story!

Dickenson Bay is at the northern end of the island of Antigua.  Here is a link to google maps so you can find this charming beach 



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