I must be stark raving bonkers!

In two week’s time my daughter turns 12.  She has become a very social child over the past year and has given me a list of 15 girls that she would like to have at her party … what happened to four kids staying for a sleepover to watch movies mmmm.  So what to do with dicey weather?

I thought about going to the movies – boring, I thought about going to Drax for Kids at Draculas (a theatre restaurant in Broadbeach) – too expensive, I thought about Kart racing – way to boyish for her princess friends, a mystery shopping event – someone has already done that, rock climbing, high ropes, pool party,pamper party, modelling party, back to the movies idea … disillusionment.  Thinking about doing nothing at all – can’t do that.  Stress!

I had thought about doing a music clip about two months ago – I like to plan – everyone coming dressed in black – costumes to dress in and a rocking song to sing to in front of a camera, choreography and loads of fun for everyone, but my poor brain is just cant comprehend trying to put that together in two weeks.  I am just not feeling like super mum right now!

So what does a time stretched mum decide to do with 15 girls and crappy weather on a small suburban block with a tiny house?  Have a Party that is going to be wild and crazy and messy – I must be stark raving bonkers!


Courtesy of google images!

For my Aussie readers, you may remember the stainmaster carpet tv ad where our celebrated Aussie painter Pro Hart goes a bit awol with making a mess on his carpet, and in The Princess Diaries movie the mother of the princess is an artist that makes an amazing mess on a canvas with balloons full of paint and darts … are you starting to see where I am going ….

So my wonderful husband and I are planning an obstacle course that will include water and flour, spaghetti and jelly.  A game that requires you find the M&M’s under a pie full of cream, a food fight of course, and a big canvas to throw paint glitter and anything else I can think of for them all to sign as a reminder of  a wild and crazy 12th Birthday Party!

If you have any other ideas that we can use to make this the messiest party ever, we’d love to hear from you! And my husband has just said he’s not cleaning up – lucky we have a dog that loves every kind of food!


7 responses to “I must be stark raving bonkers!

  1. I’d like to wrangle an invite so I can find the M&M’s under a pie full of cream!! Sounds like a good time! Have fun.

    • I think I might have an extra plate or two of those ready for an adventurous adult! LOL The kids loved the invitations – I used wordle.net to put all the information all over the place and they are pumping me for info on what we are doing – but I’m sticking with secret squirrel as we haven’t worked out all the details – I’ll post loads of pics afterwards so it feels like you were there. Thanks for being stopping by again I really appreciate it 🙂

    • Hi Annie – I have just been and had a look at your blog – I love the pic of the snow on the fence post – the likes are showing at the bottom of each of your posts so no need to worry – but what I was talking about is when you go into blog admin you can see all your posts and in one of the boxes to the right (under the star) there should be a number in that box showing how many likes you have on that post – mine is only showing 0 when I know there should be a number there. Hopefully they will work it out for me 🙂 Have a great day and keep up the good work!

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