Sandy Toes, 13th March 2013

Sandy Toes, 13th March 2013

Sandy Toes, 13th March 2013

Lately here in Queensland, we’ve been a bit shy on blue skies so when I found this picture of Alexandra Headlands on the Sunshine Coast with it’s bright blue sky, footprints in the sand, and gentle wash from the waves, I couldn’t resist to add it to my sandy toes beaches. Can you feel the warmth of the sun on your back and the coolness of the yellow sand on your toes if you close your eyes?

While Alexandra Headlands is not the biggest beach I have ever been to, it has plenty going for it none-the-less, peace and quiet being one of them. Nearly smack bang in the middle of the Sunny Coast as it is affectionately known,  this is a beach that is known for it’s great point break and more laid back atmosphere from the hectic pace of Mooloolaba to it’s south and river orientated Maroochydore to it’s north. It has loads of facilities on it’s doorstep that includes a caravan park (RV Park) right on the beach, surf shops and resorts only a short walk away and the Alex Surf Club is a great place to watch the ocean over a cold beer or a hearty meal.

My husband is working up that way at the moment (Alex is about 2 hours drive north from where we live) and when he called this morning he said the surf is going off at Alex and that no-one was out …. cursing all the while that he had ladders on his car roof racks instead of his board.  Poor thing we must be in need of a beach holiday!

And see that little munchkin in the photo – she’s turning 12 in 2 weeks – how time flies!

Want to see where Alexandra Headlands is on the globe? Click here to see it on google maps!


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