Sandy Toes, 1st April 2013

Sandy Toes, 1st April 2013

Sandy Toes, 1st April 2013

The river flats make this beach at low tide perfect for all kinds of water sports that need lots of gear.  The beach stretches wide and flat which lets you spread your gear out and relax before heading into the water for some serious action and serious fun.  While our sandy toes were here at Elliot Heads near Bundaberg Queensland, we spent hours watching the kite surfers take advantage of the strong winds doing back flips and speeding out to the ocean at a blistering pace.  But this photo was taken in the quiet of late afternoon where you can meander down the beach without another soul walking in your sandy toes footprints.

This river beach isn’t the only beach your sandy toes can explore in this perfect spot for a family holiday.  The caravan park backs onto a surf beach that is patrolled and perfect for kids of all ages.  So you can catch a wave or take in the pleasures of the river with some extreme sports, or find a quiet spot for some fishing. A great place for an Easter break!

Want to see where Elliot Heads is on the globe?  Click here to check out where.


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