Total solar eclipse Port Douglas November 2012

After a 4am start and the most beautiful sunrise, the moon slid between the earth and sun at 6.38am.  There was a hush over crowded 4 Mile beach, as we all watched in awe the Total Solar Eclipse. Eyes protected and glued to the orb, the temperature dropped and a chill came over the usually warm and welcoming beach. Everything went silent – even the waves hushed their breaking to a whisper. Goose bumps ran over our skin and  hair stood up on the back of our necks, as the light changed colour that turned everything an eerie tinge of grey.  Something you have to be there for, something you have to experience yourself, something you have to see. An event that turns you into a chaser!

While we knew what was happening because of our knowledge of the laws of nature, you could imagine how the ancients felt; the questions that would be running through their minds.  Was their world coming to an end, would they be plunged into eternal twilight? Only to be so relieved as the moon continued its journey orbiting the earth to reveal our life giving sun.

The next total solar eclipse is unfortunately in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  You can get to see it on a cruise ship with Eclipse Tours.  Run by an ex Flight Director from NASA and a French Astronaut. We can’t, unfortunately, be there, but we will see another Total Solar Eclipse somewhere in the world, somewhere in our future.

Total solar eclipse Port Douglas November 2012


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